Keywe Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock Replaces Samsung P728 Push Pull lock as My Digital Lock best seller in Singapore

Keywe Smartphone Push Pull Lock can be unlock using mobile app using blue tooth

Once it is unlock, a real time push message will be receive

Time attendance will be recorded

And you can invite your guest into your house when you are not around. BY using the KEYWE mobile app, you can filter the specific time and date for the visitors to enter your house

However, for Samsung Push Pull Lock, there is no real time push message nor you are able to invite the guest when you are not at home

Samsung Push PUll loc P728, can only lock and unlock the digital lock using bluetooth however the mobile app were not update for a much user friendly experience


Samsung P728 push pull digital lock is famous for its gold and silver design, however it does not have the latest double lock mortise using Singapore door ledge

KEYWE smartphone push pull digital lock uses Singapore door ledge for easy closing of door and prevent from all door alightment issues

General speaking, the normal ledge is more user friendly and durable , when you compare to digital lock standards

Also for keywe it uses space grey to match with black to enhance the high quality and technology look

This is one of the HDB fire rated door that we develop for keywe push pull digital lock .


KEYWE smartphone push pull digital door lock is suitable for condo or HDB

For HDB users you can purchase EPIC gate lock or Gateman Z10 Gate lock for your hdb gate

You preset a one time password in advance, so when there is a visitor drop by your house. you can let them know the one time password to unlock the digital lock

after unlock, the users can download the KEYWE smartphone app to unlock the door

once unlock. you will receive a push message and time attendance will be recorded

So if you have the budget you can consider getting the KEYWE smartphone push pull digital lock for your HDB fire rated door because it comes with a manual key overwrite

Keywe smartphone push pull digital lock comes with a full double bolt mortise, hence you can replace your existing mechanical lock at ease

all the old holes left behind by the previous traditional lock can be covered up

Also if you do not wish to use the traditional lock that comes with a lever handle, you can consider the push pull digital lock

The push and pull momentum makes it look high technology and easier for you to push open the door, especially it is a heavy one


EPIC 809L Card Digital Lock with EPIC Gate Lock Replaces Samsung H505 Digital lock as MY DIGITAL LOCK BEST SELLER

MY DIGITAL LOCK became the distributor of EPIC DIGITAL LOCK and after 2 years of marketing

Many of the Singaporeans prefer EPIC Digital Lock over Samsung Digital Lock and today we are going to explain on the differences

First of all EPIC digital lock comes with One Time Password for visitor to enters your home when you are not at home

Samsung Do not have this feature which majority are looking for

Secondly, it will be the scramble code. For EPIC Digital lock, you can add in additional password in front or at the back of your original password to confuse another party whom is looking at your password carefully

Also the EPIC Gate lock have metallic gun black finishing with fine hairline surface

Also the remote control for EPIC Digital Lock plays an important role

Now EPIC Digital Lock have surpass Samsung , Gateman and other brand digital lock by coming up with new designs for Digital lock remote control

For the keychain type. You can put inside your pocket or use it as a key to unlock both HDB fire rated door and gate digital lock

For the wall mount remote control, you can hang in behind the HDB fire rated main door for you to unlock the EPIC Gate digital lock

Also our remote control responsive rate is higher than other brand

When you purchase EPIC Digital lock at MY Digital Lock , we will recommend you some of the nice HDB Door and Gate Design

In this project, We use white laminate door to match with space grey gate

Which will bring out the unique design for EPIC DIGITAL LOCK

For the latest HDB Door and gate design, do check us out at our website,

KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock (PAssword and Mobile APP) $399 only – Using Bluetooth

KEYWE Smartphone Digital lock is the latest Smartphone digital lock that comes with real time push message

When you unlock using mobile app, a real time push message will receive by other users to notify them

Keywe smartphone allows you to monitor your love ones and knowing whether they have came home

On top of that, time attendance were recorded when the users unlock using the mobile app which is the key feature which many wish to purchase

The basic KEYWE DIGITAL LOCK is more advance than other bluetooth smartphone digital lock compared to Samsung and others

Because Keywe Smartphone digital lock is not only a hardware but software

The mobile APP will update consistently every quarter to add in new features to benefit the users

Well sold in USA for airBNB industry

For more condo in Singapore, the home owners purchase for investment to rent out to others

Therefore, it would be good for the home owners to take in charge of the programming, they can set their tenant to become users and they can only enters and exit

The programming is under your in charge hence the tenant is unable to invite or add any strangers to stay in your house without your approval

When the tenant refuse to pay your rent, you can delete away their access through the KEYWE smartphone App

After they pay your rent, then you can give them the access to enter your home

Even HDB, Keywe Smartphone digital door lock is suitable for HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate

FOR HDB, they need this digital lock to monitor their kids and old folks whether they got reach home on time

Given the specific time, the kids or old folks didnt went back home , the users will then call to investigate before it is too late

Also the round keywe design look nice and modern

We have install onto many HDB Fire rated door , Bedroom Door and HDB GATE as shown

In 2018, digital lock have already exceed its basic function such as password or going keyless

MY DIGITAL LOCK  is marketing digital lock that can bring you more convince and also a mobile APp that is able to update itself

To equip with more and more function every year

In KOREA and USA, Keywe is getting more and more popular

Visit MY Digital Lock to get the first generation Keywe Today =)

Kato Laser Cut HDB Gate with Customize Design with EPIC and Gateman Digital Lock in Singapore (May 2018 )

Kato Laser Cut HDB Gate is one of MY DIGITAL LOCK Signature Master piece to blend in with our  Samsung, Gateman and EPIC digital Door lock in Singapore

Traditional HDB Gate uses Wrought Iron, Mild Steel and Aluminium.

Most of the HDB Gate design is simple and looks identical and hence we decided to deliver a HDB Gate that is unique and different from others

3 Years ago, the founder of KATO Gate , Ansley have invested in this laser cut machine and have a strong vision to build a HDB Gate that delivers the users precious moment

Everyone have their precious moment and MY DIGITAL LOCK wish to deliver at your door steps

Today we are going to share about vintage and retro design HDB Gate 


Vintage and Retro is one of the most popular theme when it comes to renovation or interior design

Because many whom grew up in the 70”s or 80’s , will not forget what they have been through at that times

Also the design from vintage and retro gives the user a memorable feel and many have decided to secure this precious moment with our KATO Laser Cut Gate

The First HDB Gate illustrate the gameboy and many olden days items to form this unique design,

The Second HDB Gate Digital Lock equipped with a Gateman Fingerprint  Digital Lock   , 

with the westerner restaurant design in red to catch the passersby attention

Instead of using photos to build your HDB Gate, you can also select a repeating pattern to creates an effect to blend in with the HDB fire rated Door 

Because of KATO Laser Cut HDB Gate, My Digital Lock sales have  improve since 2015

Everyone try out their own preferred pattern to match with our  Samsung, Gateman , EPIC and KEYWE Digital Lock 

My Digital Lock differentiate from others by delivering unique , and innovating design to impress our fellow supporters whom follow us for many years

Even after they purchase, they are still curious how others would design their HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB Gate

Also some customers refer their family and friends to purchase from us so that we can enhance our project further

My Digital Lock is one of the leading company in Singapore which put in passion and drive into this digital lock, hdb door, gate and renovation industry. I will add in other gate designs for you to compare

Everyone is coping My Digital Lock Door and Gate design, however they are unable to produce the quality with the same quality material

Choosing The Right Digital Lock

Always standing outside the door, racking, fumbling through your bags or pockets for your keys and can’t find them? Either you lost them, forgot to bring them out or where you even put it. Maybe it’s the perfect time for you to buy a digital lock.

Which digital lock is right one for you?

The ever changing technology constitutes an important aspect of our everyday life. With each passing year, keyless digital locks have become more affordable and easier to use. Digital locks are now the model for front door security and convenience. As keyless access control becomes more widespread in Singapore, it is quite possible that your home will be next.

As the demand for digital locks, there is a variety of choices in the market, with most having multi functions. It is important to recognise your specific needs before you buy one.


Buying a digital lock is like buying any piece of convenience technology.
Still remember the first time you bought your smartphone? If you only wanted the basic functions, then a traditional phone would have suit your needs. However, you are a person who pursues convenience and lifestyle that only the newest technology can provide. Buying a digital door lock is exactly the same. Purchasing a digital lock has similar considerations. Convenience comes first, followed by style and then, price.

Your preferred method of entry and features

Most digital locks provide multiple entry methods.

PIN/Password: This kind of digital locks add a piece of mind by remembering a password. It can also be shared easily among family or friends by texting them. This is not recommended for people who doesn’t have good memory. You will lose your ‘key’ if you don’t remember your password.

Card recognition: This type of digital door locks grants access by scanning a card, which is small enough to be stored in your pocket or wallet or even stick it onto your phone. While it is ideal for people who do not like remembering numbers, it is not so good for careless people because they would still need to rummage through their belongings to their card or phone.

Fingerprint recognition: No fumbling for keys or forgetting your code. Just use your fingerprint and you can open your door. This type of keyless door lock is more expensive than the others though.


Setting a budget for a digital lock is like buying any other piece of technology. Remember, you are purchasing a lock to increase your convenience and unlocking the potential of your home security. Digital locks are durable so do not skimp on your budget.

For more info on digital locks, feel free to call/WhatsApp 88164080 Darren
2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10


Epic Glass Digital Lock at $399, installed on 9April. Call Darren =) 88164080

Epic glass digital lock at $399

This is Darren from My Digital Lock, most of the office and shop owners, it is a must to digitalise your glass door at this affordable price

We do sell Epic door bell to bundle this awesome digital lock, call me for more information 88164080

Now you can digitalis your glass door without drilling any holes

Ideal for office, shop and residential

Our epic glass digital lock is slim and you can program with remote control at $60

Buy 2 get 1 free

Check out all the latest digital lock at lowest price at My Digital lock

New Laminate Bedroom door for bto from $288 nett ( Minimum purchase of 2)🤗🤗

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2 Yishun industrial street 1 #05-10

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