Digital Lock Promotion


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EPIC Gate Lock package deal is the best-selling promotion for all BTO and Resale HDB in Singapore

This digital lock promotion encourages many HDB owners whom have never try digital lock, to be able to digitalise their home

With this, you are able to unlock both door and gate using password or RFID Sticker / POCKET remote control too

We can sell up to 200 pieces per month for EPIC Gate Lock, however majority still prefer fingerprint and push pull digital lock in Singapore

HDB Door and Gate

Gateman Z10 Fingerprint Gate lock with EPIC POPSCAN Fingerprint Air Touch digital lock is the best selling fingerprint digital lock package for HDB Door and gate in Singapore

As it is very affordable and able to achieve a total keyless solution

Both Fingerprint digital lock only requires 60 minutes to install on top of your existing manual lock

In future, you may transfer to other location at just $120


EPIC 809L Card digital lock is the best replacement for manual lock as it is affordable and able to serve the basic function

However, many would top up $100 more to upgrade to EPIC 8000L fingerprint (4in1) digital lock

Therefore, now you are able to unlock both using RFID Stickers and pocket remote control with ease

Most of the HDB new door project, they would strongly consider this package so that they got enough budget to innovate the door and gate further

Epic Push Pull Digital Lock

My Digital Lock Best Seller for a complete fingerprint solution for HDB Door and Gate in Singapore

Gateman Z10 fingerprint gate lock is the best selling fingerprint gate lock in 2017 as it is weather proof and uses the latest hook lock for higher security and durability

Epic Push Pull digital lock uses metallic curve handle to allow you to push in easily and uses the latest air touch fingerprint sensor to unlock the door

Mazi Push Pull Lock
Keywe Push Pull Digital Lock