My Digital Lock have become the main distributor for EPIC Digital Lock since 2016

EPIC became very popular in Singapore, due to modern lock design, reliability and 3 years warranty

In 2018, My Digital Lock have manage to invite, Jack Neo, to become the Brand Ambassador for EPIC Digital Lock


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EPIC 5G Digital Lock

EPIC 5G Digital Lock – 2019 Latest Digital Lock

Unlock your HDB Fire Rated Door, HDB Gate, Condo, Landed and Office Door in Singapore

Using your Smartphone (Bluetooth/ 4G/ WI-FI) Today

5G Latest Features

  • 1. Unlock Using Mobile Phone (4G / WI-FI)
  • 2. Push Notification
  • 3. Time Attendance
  • 4. 100 Fingerprint / 20 Cards / Pin
  • 5. One Time Password by Mobile App

Unlock EPIC 5G Digital Lock using Bluetooth / 4G / WI-FI

EPIC 5G Digital Lock-Bluetooth

No.1 Best Selling Smartphone Digital Lock in JAPAN

Smartphone digitalLock

Japanese Introduction for EPIC 5G Digital Lock

For Resale HDB

For Resale HDB


For Condo / Landed


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KOREA 2018 Designer Push Pull, MAZI Digital Lock (Keyless)

(Unlock Using 4G Smartphone with WI-FI Bridge at $99 (U.P.$299)

MAZI Push Pull Digital Lock is the latest designer push pull lock in Korea which were used by many condo project

MAZI is the first Korea Digital Lock that have one step recognition fingerprint scanner at the back of the handle

You can use Pattern Authentication to unlock MAZI Digital lock instead of using password

Unlock Using 4G / WIFI

After you purchase the WI-FI Bridge at $99 (U.P.$299), you can unlock the KEYWE using the mobile phone using 4G



For Condo

MAZI Push Pull Digital lock is getting very popular in Korea 2018 and featured in many television shows in Korea

MAZI Push Pull Digital Lock have successfully introduce into many condo projects in Korea and South East Asia, as it is able to link to intercom, smart home and KEYWE Mobile APP


KEYWE Smartphone Digital Lock is the first KOREA digital lock that can unlock using mobile phone

Invite Guest (Bluetooth / 4G)

You can send a temporary access to the visitor when you are away from home

The visitor needs to have 4G and KEYWE Mobile App to receive the access code to unlock

Real Time Push Message

When the user unlocks using the mobile app, a push message will be sent to the master user

Time Attendance

A history will be recorded for users whom use the mobile app to unlock KEYWE

Unlock Using 4G / WIFI

After you purchase the WI-FI Bridge at $99 (U.P.$299) , you can unlock the KEYWE using the mobile phone using 4G


KEYWE Smartphone Deadbolt Digital Lock is the first KOREA digital lock that can unlock using mobile phone and Z-wave enable for Smart Home

Unlock Using 4G / WIFI

Free WI-FI Bridge with Purchase of KEYWE Deadbolt, so that you can unlock using mobile phone using 4G

Z-Wave Enable (Able to link to Smart Home Automation)

KEYWE DEADBOLT is the only Korea Z-wave digital lock that can link with home automation

A 2-way access, so that you can check the status of the digital lock and receive real time push message

Tough Body (Made for USA Standard)

KEYWE Deadbolt is build tough enough to withstand heavy knocking and drilling as shown in the video


EPIC Fingerprint PUSH PULL Digital Door Lock, Best Selling in
Japan and 100% Made in Korea

EPIC Push Pull Digital Door Lock uses the latest Fingerprint Air Touch Sensor

Air Touch Sensor, were used by all the smartphone today for high recognition of fingerprint and simple usage

Little force is required to push open the EPIC Push Pull Lock due to the curve and durable handle

EPIC Push Pull Triton Mortise Lockset went through a cycle test up to 100,000 opening, and we provide 3 years parts warranty for the lockset

EPIC comes with 1+2 Years Warranty


EPIC POPSCAN Air Touch Digital Lock, The Slimmest Fingerprint Rim Lock in Japan, 100% Made in KOREA

EPIC POPSCAN fingerprint sensor is similar to the smartphone reader which is more accurate and user friendly


For house keeper, or guest whom suddenly appear at your house


Add security to password by adding extra numbers


Other BRAND do charge if you forget about the master password


EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock

Affordable Keyless Solution for all BTO / Resale HDB Gate in Singapore

EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock uses RFID Sticker, Card or Password to access

The back unit is covered up by the Metal Bracket and unlock using a pocket remote controller

EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock comes with one time password for you to welcome the surprise guest

All types of HDB Gate can be customized to install


Gateman Z10 Iron Hook Digital Door Lock For HDB Gate and Fire Rated Door

Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is similar to Deadbolt Lock

However, Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is totally Keyless

In Singapore, MY DIGITAL LOCK is the only company that is able to install Gateman Z10 onto HDB Gate


EPIC JAPAN Glass Digital Door Lock – 100% Made in Korea

EPIC Glass Digital Lock REPLACES Glass Digital Door Lock at Affordable Price

EPIC Glass Digital Lock uses the same concept as the Glass Digital Lock and can be unlock using a remote control

The remote control is selling at $60 each and can program up to 5. It is smaller and better


EPIC Digital Lock is suitable for everyone, regardless of age

Get Your EPIC Digital Lock Today for your HDB, BTO, Condo, Landed and Office