In 2018, My Digital Lock Kato Gate were featured in the Chinese New Year Movie, Liang Si Mei

We have digitalise HDB Gate to the next level beside installing an EPIC Digital Door Lock

We have customize all the Liang Si Mei Family members onto the HDB GATE

Send us your precious moment and we will deliver to you

EPIC Gate Digital Lock can be installing onto majority of the Resale HDB Gate in Singapore

Epic Gate Digital Lock can be unlock with the door digital lock using a single remote control depend on the model you purchase

Gateman Gate Digital Lock is the fingerprint solution to digitalise your HDB Gate, to make you go completely keyless


The Gateman z10 Hook from KOREA uses the latest locking mechanism in the market

The Digital Lock back unit is FULL METAL unlike the old Digital Lock which uses more PLASTIC, to increase its durability

Our New Bracket uses metal instead of wood, for both front and back to make it tougher.

Patent Pending on 2016 by MY DIGITAL LOCK


In 2018, our 2nd generation of MOBILE SHOWROOM will drive to your place to show you the digital lock with the latest 2018 HDB gate design

After confirm the order, we will deliver the HDB Gate with EPIC Digital Lock within 4 working days


Otherwise, you can visit our Yishun, My Digital Lock Gallery to have a physical touch on the actual HDB gate with our EPIC Digital Lock

Our Showroom has different types of HDB gate for you to choose

My Digital Lock Showroom were built in 2014, after the first generation of My Digital Lock mobile showroom


Kato Gate – A Gate that Delivers Your Precious Moment

In 2017, we introduce the KATO Laser Cut Gate for HDB, to replaces mild steel and wrought iron gate in Singapore

Kato Gate aims to bringing back your childhood memory and customize it onto the HDB Gate

So that you will remember your precious moment every day when you return home

Also the gate design set as a privacy net to prevents others from seeing through your house


Liang Si Mei, is one of my childhood idol, and my team have manage to customize a gate specially for the 2018 Liang Si Mei Movie

A Kato Laser Cut Gate which consist of all her family members to deliver this precious moment

For more cartoon, singapore and retro design, check out our product page or give us any photo

We will deliver the precious moment to you in 7 days

KATO Laser Cut Unit Number for HDB Gate – To Keep Kato Gate Alive and Complete


In order for Kato Gate and Kato Mesh Gate to look alive and complete, you need to have a customize unit number plate for your HDB Gate

Otherwise you can get our ready design, for your HDB Gate unit number Plate

You can view Kato Unit Number Plate at our showroom

Pet Friendly HDB Mesh Gate – Design for your Pet

In 2017, HDB Mesh Gate became very popular as many HDB owners have cats and dog in their house

They wish to have a HDB gate that does not hurt them and high visibility from the inside

The Mesh we used are tough, and without sharp edges, as we have go through several polish to ensure the net will not hurt your pet

For more design check out our product page

Interior Designer Gate with Digital Lock

Interior Designer Gate for HDB is very popular amongst the interior designer when you purchase a renovation package

However, none of the interior design or Renovation Company is able to customize such HDB mild steel gate to install Yale Gateman, EPIC and Samsung digital lock

Hence, MY DIGITAL LOCK have decided to take up the challenge to customize more awesome gate and we do renovation works as well

For more design check out our product page

Wrought Iron Gate with Digital Lock

Wrought Iron Gate was once very popular in Singapore, as this technology was imported from Germany long time ago

Since 2013-2017, MY DIGITAL LOCK have took up the challenge to customize wrought iron gate to install Yale Gateman, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock in Singapore

HDB owners now can own this gate with a complete keyless solution

You can engage our renovation services to match with these wrought iron HDB gate

For more design check out our product page


This is the first generation of My Digital Lock Mobile Showroom, because of your support

We manage to develop the 2nd generation of Mobile showroom and My Digital Lock Yishun Showroom

Thanks for supporting us and we will expand our team to give you the best service