Liang Si Mei Movie (HDB Door and Gate)


My Digital Lock have manufacture many outstanding HDB Door and Gate project with Samsung, EPIC and Gateman Digital Lock

In 2018, MY Digital lock door and gate have been featured in the CHINESE NEW YEAR Movie, Liang Si Mei


2nd Generation Mobile Showroom for HDB Door and Gate

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We have developed up to 20 latest HDB Door and Gate design that you cannot find in the market

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Interior Designer Door 2018

My Digital Lock have a series of latest laminate to customize your dream HDB door

We are able to build a designer standard door without interior designer consultant fee

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Why Laminate Solid Door?

  • Scratch Resistance
  • Sound Resistance
  • Water Resistance

Interior Designer Door Projects

My Digital Lock’s project in 2017, HDB Door and Gate with the latest digital lock in Korea

Get the latest design at door factory price with us, today =)


Rabbit Veneer Door

Rabbit Veneer Matches with Digital Lock

Rabbit Veneer Door has the nicest wood grain in the market

If you are looking for a high quality veneer door, then you should order from My Digital Lock


Bear Bear Bedroom Door

My Digital Lock Door Factory have chosen 8 designs that is the best seller in 2016

Bear Bear bedroom door laminate were imported in bulk

Hence, the price is cheaper than those interior designer door in the market


Bear Bear Door in Factory

Bear Bear Door in Showroom


Advantages of Bear Bear Bedroom door

  • Bear Bear Bedroom door is filled with fire rated powder to make it totally full solid
  • Sound Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Affordable

Rabbit Swing Door

In 2018, we have updated a lot of new design for rabbit swing door

When you slide and swing over the rabbit door, it gives more space to your toilet

Hence you get a bigger wash basin for your BTO or resale toilet door

Now, you can top up $50 to get a black frame for rabbit swing door

Deliver in 5 days after measure

Rabbit Swing Door Advantage

  • Save Space
  • No Track for top and bottom
  • Water Resistance
  • Up to 80 Designs

Innovation for Rabbit Swing Door

Rabbit Swing Door can be install up to 8 panels for HDB or condo living room

Besides customize for HDB toilet and kitchen

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