My President selling 5 Star Hotel Mattress at Factory Price for Landed, Condo and HDB in Singapore


Premium Hotel Mattress using the latest 7 Zone Pocket Spring

Lina Ng 黄嫊芳,

Celebrity Brand Ambassador of, My President



My President Mattress selling 4 & 5 Star Hotel Mattress in Queen Size, King Size and Super Single at factory price for your HDB, EC and Condo Bedroom in Singapore with Free Delivery, Order Now & Get it Today

Premium sleep comes from a Mattress that is not only branded or expensive but suits you

My Digital Lock, have decided to sell premium Queen Size, King Size and Super Single mattress for Singapore HDB and Condo Bedroom, because most of the branded mattress is overprice and the quality is not as comfortable as they claim.

Therefore, My President Mattress has a total of 4 Unique Queen Size, King Size and Super Single Mattress that cater for different users



My President Mattress in Queen Size, King Size and Super Single was used by some of the top hotel in ASIA

We are unable to reveal the Mattress is from which hotel but we have photo taken in the factory to proof

MOST IMPORTANTLY, is when you lie down on our mattress, you will replace it with your home Queen Size, King Size and Super Single mattress, ASAP


My President, Hotel Pocket Spring Mattress and Storage Bed Frame at Factory Price have become very popular amongst the new BTO HDB, EC and New Condo in Singapore

After Lina Ng, 黄嫊芳, became the brand Ambassador of My President, Hotel Mattress, Many Singapore Celebrities came to our My President Bed Gallery and Warehouse Sales to test out our Hotel Standard Mattress

My King (Signature Mattress, 5 Star Hotel Mattresses)

1st Place – 16Votes


Jack Neo 梁智強 & Edmund Chen 陈之财, have choose My King as their Preferred Choice

As My King is Comfortable and yet not too Soft

Both of them, purchase My King Supper Single for Their Kids Bed, to let their next generation experience the luxury of beauty sleep

Apple Hong 洪乙心 choose My King, as the comfort level is comparable to those Mattress Boutique in the Bed Market

The softness is just right for her to enjoy a good rest


薛素珊Cassandra See and 洪昭容 Angela Ang, Both have select My King, Bed as their preferred Mattress

My King, Bed is supplied to one of the top hotel in Asia, and we got it directly from the factory

The thick pillow top with the luxurious memory foam and natural latex makes My King Bed the perfect choice


Jin Jie, 金銀姫,have select My King as her preferred choice under My President Collection

My Crystal and Chesterfield Storage Bed frame

2nd Place (Good for Spine Protection) 9 Vote


Vincent Ng, 翁清海, choose My Crystal after tested the full series of My President Collection

As he believe that a firm yet comfortable mattress is ideal for Spine protection


Evelyn tan 陈毓芸 and Darren Lim 林明伦, also love our My Crystal as they like a Mattress which can provide them with enough spine support

The Softness and firmness for My Crystal is just nice for a comfortable rest


湯妙玲 and 曹建平, both have select My Crystal as their favourite choice as it has the similar firmness as their existing mattress

My Crystal, memory foam and natural latex allow them to experience hotel style comfort; hence they decided to replace their existing mattress


杨莉冰 Emily Yeo and 翁瑞云 choose My Crystal because they want to have a mattress which can protect their spine

They would prefer a mattress which brings comfort together with enough back support

The quality of the mattress is very satisfied


Charlie and IP Man will be the celebrities’ representative for the 90s, whom select My Crystal

After a long day of acting, a firm and comfortable is a must in order to have a good rest

Both of them, like the support and the softness of My Crystal =)

My Ruby and Ruby Storage Bed Frame

3rd Place – Very Soft and Maximum Comfort (Popular amongst the 90s), 6 Vote


Miss Mole and Nat Ho, have decided to go ahead with my Ruby

After they test the entire mattress, only my Ruby impresses them as the comfort level is similar to the hotel standard

They simply love my ruby because it is similar to their house mattress and the quality is even better

Miss Mole has recommended many friends to purchase My President Mattress recently =)


A Mahady, Awalliyah, Hamidah and Hafiz have choose My Ruby under My President Collection

My President is getting popular throughout Singapore and many whom came love our mattress

My Queen and Crown Storage Bed Frame

4th Place – Very Firm with Maximum Spine Support

2000 Mini Pocket Spring above the 7 Zone Pocket Spring (5 Votes)


王德远 John Wong, 章证翔 Zen Chong, 宏荣 and 湯妙玲, all love a Mattress which can gives them maximum spine support

Even though it may not be as comfortable as the soft mattress but spine protection is a more concern matter

Maxi, also preferred a mattress which is very firm so as to give his body maximum support