EPIC 6G Satin Gold Gate Digital Lock

$849.00 $749.00

Epic 6G Gate digital lock is the first gate digital lock that insert a fingerprint sensor at the back unit

Therefore, you can unlock the gate using fingerprint from inside of your house

Otherwise you can purchase the remote control from us, to unlock from inside of the house as well

EPIC 6G Gate Digital Lock is exclusive to My Digital Lock and the first gate digital lock with dual fingerprint functions

Satin Gold is an exclusive colour which is the most popular in Singapore

4 Methods to Unlock the Back of the EPIC Gate Digital Lock

  1.  With Mechanical Key
  2. Fingerprint
  3.  Bluetooth
  4.  Wi-Fi(Purchase of Wi-FI Bridge $50)

Unlock The Front Of The EPIC Gate Digital Lock

  1. Up to 100 Fingerprint
  2. Up to 20 cards
  3. Master / User password
  4. One time Password (Set Remotely using Mobile App)
  5. Bluetooth (Using 4/5G Data)
  6. WI-FI (Purchase of WI-FI Bridge)
  7. Remote Control Pocket Version ($60 Each)

Unlock Using Smartphone (Bluetooth Or Wi-FI)

All the new EPIC Digital lock can unlock using the KEYWE Mobile App (Latest in KOREA)

With this App, you can unlock the EPIC 6G Gate Digital Lock using 4/5G Internet

You can either send a guest key, or munally unlock using Wi-FI

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Operation From Mobile