HDB Bedroom Door + Door Frame Removal + Replacement (Hacking)

Method 2  Removal and Replacement (Hacking)

Laminate Door + Door Frame $999 Each

During renovation or HDB owners whom do not wish their enterance to reduce in size

Changing the door frame will be the only solution, we will hack the wall to remove the existing HDB door frame, however the process will take 6 hours in total

Note: Inside of the house will be dusty so you need to cover up your bed or existing furniture

Hacking and Covering of existing Holes Included , excluding painting of wall



Add $180 to Upgrade European Mortise + Sound Resistance Door Seal

After adding the bedroom door frame, you can consider adding the European Mortise to transform your HDB bedroom door to condo style

Also, it is required if you intend to install the sound resistance door seal

The basic HDB bedroom lever lock ledge is unable to hold onto the bedroom door with the door seal place onto the door frame



Add $150 for Lorient Sound Resistance Conceal Drop Seal

The drop seal is made in Britain which forms a complete set with the sound resistance door seal, to achieve maximum nose cancellation

Another factor would be to prevent Air condition from flowing out or insects from entering your bedroom