Keywe 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock (Satin Gold)

$1,099.00 $899.00

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock is one of the latest Smartphone digital lock in the market which can unlock using Bluetooth / WI-FI

The nicest Korea Push Pull Digital Lock that matches well with HDB Fire Rated Main Door and Condo Main Door in Singapore

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital lock in Satin Gold matches well with the EPIC 5G Pro Satin GOld Gate Digital lock, matches perfectly to all types of HDB Main Door

With the latest hairline finishing, this push pull lock looks luxurious and tough


  1. 100 Fingerprint
  2. Up to 20 Card
  3. 4 given Password
  4. 2 Keys

Connect  To Bluetooth/WI-FI Faster

The KEYWE 360 Smartphone push pull lock has a better motherboard and chip which allows you to connect to your mobile phone faster and much more stable

Longer Battery Life Span

Also, the Battery consumption have improved twice as much as the previous version as linking to WI-FI may consume high volume of electricity

Unique Feature

KEYWE 360 Smartphone Push Pull Digital Lock have the latest 360 fingerprint air touch sensor which have a higher fingerprint recognition

Once you have program the fingerprint, you can scan to unlock in any position


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  1. Unlock Using Bluetooth / WI-FI (Bridge $50)
  2. Push Notification when unlock
  3. Time History
  4. Invite Any Guest Remotely
  5. Issue One Time Password Remotely
  6. Time Zone (Specific Date and Time for certain users)

Every 6 months we will update the mobile app with new features, so please continue to support KEYWE so that we can design new digital lock with much cool features every year