Laundry System with Light



1. Equipped with light

2. Lift up your heavy laundry up and down with ZERO EFFORT!

3. Height of the system is adjustable with a remote control

4. Made of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic

5. Safety cutoff when laundry poles meets an obstacle

6. Suitable for both the elderly and young

7. Long laundry pole to dry more laundry

8. Intuitive remote control design

9. Dedicated hanger slot for user to hang individual clothe

How does VeriEazy ease your lifestyle?

1. In the modern era with shrinking home sizes, VeriEazy reduces the floor space needed to get your laundry done.

2. It is a known fact that hot air rises and cool air falls. VeriEazy ensures that your laundry is as close to the ceiling as possible, ensuring a faster dry!

3. Maximize safety and minimize effort as traditional ways (e.g. using bamboo poles) are heavy and inconvenient.

4. Minimize electricity usage and carbon footprint from the use of dryers

5. Effortless to lift wet and damp laundry, highly suitable for the young or elderly

Delivery and Installation

1. Delivery and installation will be done by our delivery team within 2-3 working days or as requested. We will get in contact with you after your order has been placed to arrange a date/time mutually convenient for both parties

2. Delivery and Installation on Saturdays are possible subjected to availability

Difference between different VeriEazy Systems

1. VeriEazy 316 – Extendable 2.36m poles with side hanger hooks and lighting

2. VeriEazy 318 – Extendable 2.36m poles with side hanger hooks, lighting, UV bacteria sterilizer and blower

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