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EPIC Japan Metallic Push Pull Fingerprint Digital Lock (4 in 1 )

EPIC Metallic Push Pull Digital Door Lock $799 (U.P. $899)

Digital Lock Review

EPIC Metallic Push Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock Replaces Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Lock as Number 1 Best Seller in MY DIGITAL LOCK

Epic Metallic Push Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock uses the latest AIR TOUCH fingerprint sensor which has higher accuracy than the traditional fingerprint sensor

Also the metallic curve handle allow you to open the door with minimum effort

Unique Features

1. Metallic Curve Push and Pull Handle, lesser force is required to push open the door
2. Air Touch Fingerprint Sensor, latest fingerprint technology used by all mobile phone
3. Durable Cross Ledge, which went through 100, 000 Cycle test
4. Able to unlock with Mini Pocket Remote or Epic Door Bell

Function (4 in 1)

100 Fingerprints, Program up to 20 Card ( 4 Given ), 1 Master Password, 2 Keys


EPIC Japan Gate Card Digital Lock (2 in 1)

EPIC Japan Gate Digital lock $450 (U.P. $599)

Digital Lock Review

EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock for HDB and Condo Gate, Replaces Gate Digital Door Lock

We use wood to customize onto the existing hdb gate, and use a gate bracket to conseal the back unit, therefore, no screws will be expose to prevent hack

Other gate digital lock, do have screws expose at the back unit of the digital lock

Unique Features

1.One Time Password
2.Scramble Code ( Add Additional Numbers to confuse others, follow by your password)
3.Install onto any existing gate
4.No Screws expose at the back ( Unlike other brands)

Function (2 in 1)

Up to 30 Cards (4 Given), 1 Password , One time password

Counter Bracket Develop with My Digital Lock in 2016 (Singapore Invention)

Original In the Package (Korea Version Bracket) Counter Bracket with no screw ( Singapore Version , Add $30)

For all the Korean Digital Lock, at the side of the door, you will see screws expose which many find it ugly

Therefore, My Digital Lock have work with our hardware supplier to develop the counter bracket

Counter bracket conseal the screw driver holes perfectly to make it look clean, also it is highly recommend to install for Gate Digital Lock, so that others cannot unscrew when they are outside of the house