Samsung P717 Digital Lock (Gold/Silver)

Product Review

Samsung P717 Digital Lock (Gold/Silver) $660 (U.P. $799)

Samsung P717 Push Pull Digital Door Lock Silver English Version is warranty by the local distributor in Singapore

SAMSUNG P717 DIGITAL LOCK Silver has stopped production in 2015

Therefore change to Samsung p727 Push Pull Digital lock instead

Product Function

It can programme up to , 30 Users (cards (4 given) or Individual password) and 5 Keys

Protect Your Samsung Digital Lock

+ 1 Year Samsung Digital Lock Warranty by Local Distributor

⦁ Battery Must only use Energizer and Duracell otherwise warranty void (8 Must be Insert)

⦁ Door Closer MUST INSTALL, Avoid Motherboard from Damage, otherwise void warranty

⦁ Spray WD40 Oil on the Samsung Mortise every half a year, to avoid jam, otherwise warranty void

⦁ Always carry a Key outside your house, put into your car or office

⦁ Always prepare a screw driver inside your home

⦁ Check workmanship quality after installation, report if the lock have difficulty to lock, and we Will assist you immediately