Samsung P718 Digital Lock (Gold/Silver)

1 + 1 Year warranty

  • Samsung P718 Push Pull Digital Lock is the 2013 Samsung Push Pull Digital Lock
  • Samsung P718 Push Pull Digital Lock is suitable for all type of HDB Door and Condo Door in Singapore
  • Used to be the best-selling Samsung Digital lock, now it comes with standard and basic functions only
  • You can consider to bundle the EPIC 5G Pro Gate digital lock to get a complete smartphone solution
  • Basic Functions
    1. 100 Fingerprint
    2. Card
    3. Password
    4. 2 Mechanical Keys
  • Samsung P718 digital lock (2013 Mode) in Singapore
  • You can consider to top up $400 more to get the WI-FI enable Samsung DR708 Digital lock for your HDB Door