VeriEazy 319 Automated Laundry System With Heater & LED Light


Type Ceiling Mounted
Poles 4 Extendable Poles
Height 20cm to 160cm(when lowered)
Width 51cm
Length 133cm to 235cm (when fully extended)
Maximum Load 30 kg
Function LED Lighting, Heater & Blower
Installation Free Delivery and Standard Installation
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Heater Model!

On top of being an excellent remote controlled laundry system, VeriEazy has both extendable/detachable poles and hanger hooks that makes bed sheet drying a breeze too!

A 4 pole system, the 2 inner poles can be brought down to accommodate large laundry pieces (i.e. bed sheets above 2m in length). The 2 outer poles have dedicated hanger hooks for hanging laundry using hangers (i.e. shirts and pants where you would want to dry it ‘straight’ to reduce ironing). VeriEazy 318 is highly recommended if the system is installed in a small, enclosed area as it helps to ventilate the room as well as keeping laundry free from musky odours.

Product Feature:

  • Equipped with Heater, Fan and Lights!
  • Heater simulates the drying under the sun for homes with minimal sunlight
  • Blower ventilates the air surrounding the laundry so that the room doesn’t smell stale (especially great for small enclosed areas)
  • Lighting is bright enough to replace your existing lights
  • Lift your heavy laundry up and down with ZERO EFFORT!
  • Height of the system is adjustable with a remote control (stop the system at where you desire)
  • Made of aviation grade aluminium and does not rust
  • Safety cutoff when laundry poles meets an obstacle
  • Suitable for both the elderly and young

Delivery and Installation

Free Delivery and Installation within 3 working days. Installation is directly onto concrete ceiling only.
Customized brackets ($80-$120) are needed for high ceilingfalse ceiling or ceilings with fixture that may affect installation (lighting etc). Customized brackets are fabricated based on onsite measurements and comes in different shape and sizes. No two brackets are the same!