wrought iron gate


Wrought Iron Gate was once very popular in Singapore, as this technology was imported from Germany long time ago

Since 2013-2017, Fire Rated Door have taken up the challenge to customize wrought iron gate to install Gateman, EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock in Singapore

HDB owners now can own this HDB gate with a complete keyless solution

You can engage our renovation services to match with these wrought iron HDB gate

Best Selling HDB Gate in 2013

Wrought Iron Involve many wielding joints unlike the Kato Laser cut gate as each pieces of metal are wielded one by one to form the whole HDB Gate design

We use galvanise steel to fabricate the wrought iron HDB gate hence it will not rust

NEW EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock (Bluetooth / WI-FI)

The Latest HDB Smartphone Gate Digital Lock is here to match with our Kato 3D Gate

The EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock comes in Black and Champagne Gold to match with the most luxurious HDB Gate in Singapore

Also Fire Rated Door have developed 4 different method or style to equip the latest EPIC 5G Pro Gate Digital Lock

Fire Rated Door have the latest 5G Smartphone Digital Lock to match the nicest HDB Door and HDB Gate  in Singapore